Bonderite L-MR: Bactericide-free Cutting Fluids

Henkel is a premier developer when it comes to smart solutions. With more than three decades of experience in metalworking, we continue to learn from workplaces like yours.

Challenges in the metalworking industries and innovative ideas by our experts were at the core when developing the BONDERITE L-MR cutting fluid range: We understand that bacterial contamination is a risk to workers and processes which calls for immediate action. Having to replace entire coolant baths regularly is a time commitment that also takes a toll on your company's efficiency and sustainability: It generates more waste and costly downtime from production.

Find-out more about our cutting fluids BONDERITE L-MR 20717, BONDERITE L-MR 90-2 and the BONDERITE duaLCys Process - Contact us, try out and work with bactericide-free fluids.

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