The Water-miscible Cutting Fluid – BONDERITE L-MR 90-2

BONDERITE L-MR 90-2 is an odorless boron-free cutting fluid. Its high bath-lifetime saves you time and money.

Learn more about water soluble BONDERITE L-MR 90-2 for its sustainability, both environmentally and economically.

BONDERITE L-MR products were developed with workplaces just like yours in mind. The smart cutting fluid with a very finely dispersed emulsifier system without bad smell and you can rely on safe processes for high-end results when machining and grinding:

The boron-free cutting fluid enhances workshop health and safety because it is

  • Bactericide-free
  • EP-Additive free
  • High surface finishes 
  • Contains no formaldehyde-releasing agents
  • Odorless
  • BONDERITE L-MR 90-2 also meets highest expectations in economical usage with
  • good washing properties to ensure a high level of cleanliness in machines, tools and machined parts
  • a low drag-out rate as the fine emulsion runs off machined parts and shavings quickly
  • a low initial fill concentration (5 to 8%) and even lower top-ups (0.5 to 1%)



BONDERITE L-MR 90-2 will save you time and money because of long bath-lifetime, hence cutting downtime on your machines. It is safe to use for workers and meets a variety of challenges. Whenever drilling, turning, sawing, milling, threading or grinding work is needed, you can rely on this boron-free cutting fluid.

BONDERITE L-MR 90-2 achieves excellent results with a variety of materials: steel, high alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloys. Brass machining is also possible. Additionally, the cutting fluid features very good corrosion protection properties. With a low-foaming tendency it is suitable for water hardnesses from 5°dH upwards.